WhatsApp Business cover photo size

WhatsApp Business cover photo size

WhatsApp Business cover photo size


WhatsApp Business cover photo size


WhatsApp Business cover photo size: With the new and recent appearance of WhatsApp Business, all users are wondering about doubts about the size of WhatsApp Business images; How big should the WhatsApp Business cover be?
Cover: Displays at 400 x 200 px. Your image will load faster if it is 400 x 200px in size, is in JPG format, and is less than 100KB in size. Although, if you are going to display logos and/or text,
It is recommended to upload an image in JPG format. Which will offer better quality.

Tip: Use 16:9 aspect ratio images (for example 1920 x 1020 or its multiples.)

How to put a cover photo in WhatsApp Business?

To view your business profile, open the WhatsApp Business app and tap the more options icon
> Tools for the company > Company profile. Tap the profile photo, then tap the edit icon . You can also tap the edit icon on your cover photo, then tap Add or edit profile photo.

In addition to the profile photo, users of the mobile application will be able to add an image in “banner” format that illustrates their contact card at the top.

Although, this special feature will not be available to all users: it will only come to the version of WhatsApp for business, in other words, to WhatsApp Business and it is expected that it will only be available in the coming weeks. WhatsApp Business is a unique version of WhatsApp for businesses, which can only be used by people selling products or services.


WhatsApp Business cover photo size


The WhatsApp Business application has five basic functionalities that are unique and different from the platform that all users normally see.

1. Company profile

2. Messaging tools

3. Statistics

4. WhatsApp Web

5. Type of account

The new larger and longer photo size will allow users to experiment with new formats to give their profile personality.

The details of the WhatsApp Business cover photos

The option to set a cover image will only be available to WhatsApp Business account holders.
To add a cover image to whatsapp, users need to go to their personal profile and tap on the button with a camera icon.
From this new menu, you can access the image selection menu, or the device’s camera to create a profile photo.

#WhatsApp Business cover photo size

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