Web design Company California

Web design Company California

Web design Company California

Web design Company California
Web design Company California

While HTML is used to describe the content and design of a web page, they are Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that describe how that content should look. In a Torreón web design agency, the way the page looks is known as its presentation.

That means fonts, colors, background images, space between lines, page layout, etc. … all controlled with CSS. With the newest version (CSS3), you can even add special effects and basic animation to your page. CSS also provides methods to control how documents will be presented in contexts other than the traditional desktop browser, such as in printing or on devices with small screen widths.

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It also has rules to specify the non-visual presentation of documents, for example, how they will sound when read by a screen reader (although these are not well compatible). Style sheets are also a great tool for automating production because you can change the appearance of an item on all pages of your site by editing a single style sheet document. Style sheets are compatible to some extent with all modern browsers. Although it is possible to publish web pages using only HTML, you may want to use style sheets to avoid getting caught in the browser’s default styles. If you are looking to design websites professionally, the competition in style sheets is mandatory.

Web design Company California

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